Child Care Centers & Schools

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Environmental health specialists inspect facilities that are licensed by the Division of Child Development and Early Education once every six month period. During these inspections, centers are evaluated based on sanitation, food handling practices, diapering methods, and the prevention of communicable diseases, as directed in the .2800 NC Rules.

School buildings are inspected once a school year and are assessed under the .2400 NC Rules. 

Services Offered

The REHS protects public health and safety through preventative measures designed to identify and control the spread of diseases. They accomplish these objectives by the promotion of environmental health through education of the general public and through the enforcement of health laws, rules, and policies as they pertain to both licensed childcare facilities and school building sanitation 


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Review of the NC rules pertaining to kitchen staff and food safety.

Approved Alternative Chemicals

Below is a list of alternative chemicals that have been approved for use in child care centers and schools. This list is comprised of products that have been submitted to this office for review and is not in any way a comprehensive list of available products on the market. If you would like to submit a chemical for approval, please send in the brand, manufacturer, active ingredient and the directions for making the solution. Typically, all of this information is found on the spec sheet label of the product.

If your center would like to use anything other than the bleach solution and it is on this list below, you must still notify this office so that documentation can be made.

Brand nameactive ingredientcontact time
for sanitizing
contact time
for disinfecting
BruTab 6ssodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione 48.21%1 minute10 minutes
Beyond Greenthymol .23%not approved2 minutes
Maxima 128didecyldimethylammonium chloride 2.5%2 minutes10 minutes
PureGreen 24silver .003%not approved2 minutes
a2btrichloromelamine 18.7%2 minutes10 minutes
Wepak Lemon Zipdodecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 1.268%not approved10 minutes
ChloroGlasstrichloromelamine 18.7%2 minutes10 minutes

2013 Update on NC sanitation rules regarding child care centers

2800 Sanitation Update Video