COVID-19 Data Dashboards

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CDC COVID-19 Community Levels can help communities and individuals make decisions based on their local context and their unique needs. Community vaccination coverage and other local information, like early alerts from surveillance, such as through wastewater or the number of emergency department visits for COVID-19, when available, can also inform decision making for health officials and individuals.

DHHS Data Page Button Updates

NCDHHS has elevated and adjusted a combination of metrics to understand impacts of the pandemic and to guide the state’s response. On March 23, 2022 adjustments were made to some key metrics reported throughout the pandemic by the state because they no longer meet the current situation and will no longer be used.

Note: Due to a NCDHHS technical issue, some COVID-19 cases and deaths reported by 13 facilities in the Atrium Health network from October 2020 through August 2022 were incorrectly recorded as “Hispanic” rather than “non-Hispanic” or “unknown ethnicity”. This issue did not impact race, age, or other demographic data beyond ethnicity and did not impact COVID-19 vaccination data, hospitalization data, or other data on the COVID-19 Data Dashboard. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving data quality, NCDHHS worked quickly to resolve this issue and correct the affected data. These corrections resulted in a decrease in the proportion of COVID-19 cases and deaths reported as being of Hispanic ethnicity. Updated data are reflected on the dashboard published on Sept. 7, 2022.