How do I know when to call my doctor?
You should call your doctor if your baby:

- does not regain his birthweight by 2 weeks of age.
- has fewer than six wet diapers a day by his sixth
day of life.
- has fewer than three stools a day by his third day of life.
- will not wake up to nurse at least eight times a day.
- falls asleep or stops nursing immediately after latch-on.
- baby has signs of oral thrush: a "mother of pearl" look to the saliva or white patches in the
- bright red diaper rash that doesn't respond to usual treatments.

You should call your doctor if you:

- feel fever and/or chills and/or generalized aching, as thought you have the flu.
- burning or stabbing pain in the nipple, the breast, or both.
- nipple itching or flaking, redness or shininess, or white spots on the nipple or areola.

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