Clinical Services and Communicable Disease


300 Mooresville Rd.
Kannapolis, NC 28081

(704) 920-1000

Clinical Services include:

Breast Health 
Family Planning
Medical Records 
Child Health
Women's Health and Maternity 

Communicable Disease Services include:

Sexually-Transmitted-Disease (STDs)
PrEP for HIV Prevention

Please note, we will not respond by email to medical questions and personal health information. For questions about your health, please phone us at (704) 920-1000 and follow the prompts to the appropriate destination. 

Email is not secure outside of our agency. Never send confidential or sensitive information by email.  Please include your phone number and the best time between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. to reach you.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Records Department, Medical     704-920-1205  
Blovsky, Melissa Medical Records Supervisor - HIPAA Privacy Officer 704-920-1343  
Turner, Branisha Breast Health Outreach/Education Coordinator 704-920-1352  
Elledge, Karen Pediatrics Supervisor 704-920-1353  
Goodman, Ashley Women's Health Nurse Supervisor 704-920-1127  
Knight, RN, MPH, Suzanne Chief Clinical Director 704-920-1322  
Patterson, BSN, RN, Julia Assistant Clinical Director 704-920-1258  
Staehler, RN, Tamara Communicable Disease/Laboratory Manager 704-920-1358  
Reid, Kim Processing Assistant 704-920-1231