Public Health Policy

The purpose of this page is to share policy-related information that may impact the health and wellbeing of Cabarrus residents. 

Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, live, work and play. Examples include access to reliable transportation, healthy foods, quality education, and clean air, land, and drinking water. These things have a major influence on people’s health.  

Policies are one of the most effective tools to improve the health of our entire community. Using the social determinants of health framework, the CHA policy committee will advocate for public health policies that create and protect our community so residents can achieve their best health.  

We encourage you to explore the resources below and stay informed!  

North Carolina Policies that Could Impact Public Health  

Medicaid Expansion 


Call to Action – Your Voice Matters 

  1. Register to vote
  2. Contact your local, state and national legislators and elected leaders: 
  3. Advocate for your health at the national level