Public Records Request

In the interest of transparency and accountability, it is the duty of local government to respond and assist in fulfilling public record requests. The public has a right to access records produced by public agencies. Public record law can be found in General statute 132, which outlines the requirements for the record request process. The statute provides a broad definition for public records, specifying that a record created in connection with public business can then be considered a public record. Information that is exempt from a record request can be found in G.S 132 and other various statutes of N.C law (i.e., personal health information, privileged and confidential information, and trade secrets).

Records requests must go through a process of collection and review when submitted. This process and the size of the records request will impact the time it takes to complete a request.

Receipt – The requester will receive a confirmation of receipt of the request. All requests will be processed in the order that they are received and response times will vary based on request type, volume of request and other requests in process. 

Compilation – Records will be collected, and if necessary clarification will be requested from the requester to ensure that the content aligns with their request.

Review – Requested documents will be reviewed to ensure that information that is exempt is not released. 

Redaction – Any exempt information will be redacted prior to release.

Release – The documents are provided to the requester through their requested format. A printing fee will be applied to any hard copies provided to the requester.  

Printing Fees

10 cents per page printing fee, unless a specialized or oversized document. The fee will need to be paid prior to receiving the documents. 

Special Service Charge

Copies of public records that are not otherwise collected or available in pre-printed form and that require an extensive use of clerical or information technology resources may be considered a special service and subject to an additional labor charge. The special service charge, if applicable, shall be $20.00/hour. 

Page Count

Estimated Cost

1 to 101 pages

No additional cost 

101 to 300 pages

2 hours = $40.00

301 to 500 pages

3 hours = $60.00

501 to 1,000 pages

4 hours = $100.00

Greater than 1,000 pages 

Staff will contact requester to provide a quote.


Please note that the above fees are quotes based on page counts/numbers. The amount may increase depending on the length of time and the review requirement by staff.

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Different fees and information may be required for Environmental Health requests.