The Network of Care website offers a directory of health services to connect you with local resources in Cabarrus and surrounding counties. To find physical activity, nutrition, and medical services for individuals with prediabetes or those who have already been diagnosed, click here. You will be taken to the Diabetes Prevention and Management section of the Network of Care Service Directory. Diabetes Prevention or Self-Management Classes may also be available.

Below are some examples of services in the Diabetes Prevention and Management section of the service directory.

  • CDC Prediabetes Screening Test to learn if you or a family member are at risk for prediabetes.
  • Cooking classes and videos
  • Community medical clinics
  • Exercise classes and education videos
  • Foot care
  • Prescription drug patient assistance programs
  • Dental care
  • Food pantries
  • Diabetes management clinics

Don’t wait, take the CDC Prediabetes Screening Test today!

If you have prediabetes, losing just 5-7% of your body weight, being physically active, and eating healthy can cut your risk of getting type 2 diabetes in half. Cabarrus County has a variety of services to help you move more, eat better, and lose weight.

Content source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention