Community Needs Assessment

The North Carolina Local Health Department Accreditation Program requires local health departments to conduct a community health assessment, or community needs assessment, at least every 48 months. Since its inception in 1997, Healthy Cabarrus has been responsible for conducting this assessment and convening a diverse group of community partners and stakeholders to collect, analyze, and interpret county data and identify the most pressing needs among county residents. Leadership for this collaborative process is provided by the Cabarrus Health Alliance through Healthy Cabarrus. 

Conducting a community assessment of health and human services is an ongoing process that engages diverse agencies, providers, and individuals in identifying community assets and strengths, as well as unmet needs. The Community Needs Assessment report and its associated action plans are used to identify priority health issues and to plan interventions to build a healthier community.

Healthy Cabarrus Executive Director, Marcella Beam, sits down with County Commissioner Diane Honeycutt, to discuss the 2020 Community Health Needs Assessment Process and identified community needs.

Previous Community Health Needs Assessment Reports

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2020 Community Health Improvement Plans