Healthy Cabarrus

Healthy Cabarrus is a department within the Cabarrus Health Alliance that is responsible for overseeing the Community Health Needs Assessment process and working closely with community partners and members to development Community Health Improvement Plans. The community collaborative is overseen by a six-member governing body that is responsible for ensuring that progress is made on strategies and initiatives outlined in the CHIP and action planning process.


United through partnerships, we commit our time, talents, and financial resources to create a healthy community and hopeful future for all.


Healthy Cabarrus is funded by Cabarrus County Government and Atrium Health Cabarrus.

Collaborative Process

Healthy Cabarrus has effectively responded to community health needs for more than 20 years as a result of a cyclical collaborative process that keeps partners engaged throughout all stages of program planning and implementation. This process has shown that partners who have been involved throughout the early stages of project development are more deeply invested and committed to the Coalition, due to a greater sense of how their work complements the larger vision and mission of Healthy Cabarrus.

Every four years, Healthy Cabarrus identifies health related priorities through a comprehensive Community Needs Assessment (CNA). In 2020, the CNA included a consumer survey of more than 2,700 households, a key informant survey of 111 local leaders in health and human service fields, extensive review of county-level and the state of environmental health. 

A diverse Community Planning Council reviews the assessment’s findings and works together to identify priorities. Members include representatives from health and human services, the faith community, education, city and county government, foundations, businesses, and community volunteers. Once priorities have been determined, individuals with relevant expertise are recruited to serve on topic-specific task forces or coalitions that develop and implement action plans. To ensure intervention success and community impact, Healthy Cabarrus recruits stakeholders who have expertise in the prioritized issues, access to the target population, or who are affected by the issues. The Planning Council transitions into an Advisory Board that oversees this work and continues to meet every other month, this entire process is governed by a six-member Executive Committee.

By providing a forum for community stakeholders to convene on a regular basis and participate in meaningful action, Healthy Cabarrus has created a community-wide cultural norm of collaboration. Engaging partners throughout the process fosters a strong group dynamic of trust and accountability and stakeholders are able to see how collaboration helps the community achieve its common goals. 

The cyclical assessment, action planning, and implementation process has an additional benefit in that it facilitates flexibility that has allowed for the Coalition’s long-term sustainability. Every four years, we assess our progress, realign our activities to meet the community’s current needs, and bring in new partners. Therefore, we are able to continuously foster collaboration and forward momentum. The transparency of these standardized processes engenders trust, respect, and a long-term commitment among partners.

Identified Community Priorities - Clear Impact Score Cards Coming Soon

  1. Housing 
  2. Mental and Behavioral Health
  3. Early Childhood Education and Development

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