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Teacher Support and Resources for Teachers 

This page includes Downloadable PDF slides with examples of supports for teachers and Downloadable file with document examples and blank forms to use.

The downloadable PDF (Teacher Resource) begins with typical concerns related to delivering quality Special Education to our students. This free resource also covers a variety of topics in Special Education, including:

Data Collection


AB Data Notebook (Click for Word Doc)
IEP Data Collection Directions (Click for Word Doc)
Program Review Template (Click for Word Doc)


ABC Card Template (Click for Word Doc)
Behavioral Problem Solving Communication Form (Click for Word Doc)
Irving Data (Click for Word Doc)


Daily Communication (Click for Word Doc)
Parent Communication Log (Click for Word Doc)


Gen Ed Input by Skill (Click for Word Doc)
IEP Dates Table 
IEP Dates Table BLANK (Click for Word Doc)
IEP Meeting Form (Click for Word Doc)
Monthly Attendance
Student Performance Update (Click for Word Doc)
Therapy Data and Information Record 
Upcoming IEP Meetings 

Lesson Planning

Individual Reading Lessons Filled Out (Click for Word Doc)
Individual Math Lessons BLANK (Click for Word Doc)
Lesson Plans by Subject (Click for Word Doc)
Sub Plans (Click for Word Doc)

Co-Teaching Inclusion

Coplanning Template (Click for Word Doc)
ESE Quarterly Co-Planning Log (Click for Word Doc)
Initial Co-Teaching Meeting Form (Click for Word Doc)

Modifying Instruction

Modifications vs. Accommodations Click for Word Doc)


Blank Daily Schedule (Click for Word Doc)
Blank Week Schedule (Click for Word Doc)
Daily Center Checks with Speech (Click for Word Doc)
Daily Center Checks with Speech Blank (Click for Word Doc)
Master Lesson Plan 1 (Click for Word Doc)
Day 1 Schedule 
Schedule Thursday Self Contained (Click for Word Doc)

School Closure Toolkit for Districts: Special Populations

Video Resources

Collaboration with Parents: 
Click here for Video
Click here for Slides

The Difference Between Special Education Topics:
Click here for Video
Click here for Slides

Resources developed by Elizabeth Reyes, M. Ed.


Elizabeth is currently a first year doctoral student in the Special Education program at UNC Charlotte. Previously, she graduated with honors from UNC Charlotte with a B.A. degree in Special Education as a North Carolina Teaching Fellow. During undergraduate education, Elizabeth studied abroad in Europe and China with the Educational Leadership Department the to study the cultures and school system structures to gain a more global perspective of education.

Following undergraduate graduation, she taught in Title I schools in both rural and urban areas in North Carolina for five years. As a highly qualified teacher licensed in both general and adapted curriculum, she taught students with various high-incidence and low-incidence disabilities in self-contained, resource, and inclusive elementary school settings. While teaching full-time, Elizabeth earned a Masters of Education degree in Special Education with specialty area of Autism at UNC Charlotte.

For the past four years Elizabeth has worked as the director of a pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade inclusion program for students with autism and other disabilities at two local, private schools in the Charlotte area. This job allowed me flexibility to transition to life as a new mother and continue to pursue my passion to serve students with disabilities and their families. She returned for a third time to UNC Charlotte to pursue her Ph.D. in Special Education with an anticipated graduation date of May 2020. Her current research interests include academic and behavioral interventions used in inclusive settings for students with autism.