1. Protect Yourself & Your Family
  2. Keep Your Animals Safe
  3. Vaccination Clinic for Pets


  • Avoid contact with all wild animals. Do not approach, feed, or handle any wild animals. NEVER keep wild animals as pets.
  • Avoid contact with all stray, feral or unfamiliar dogs, cats and ferrets.
  • Report strays and wild animals showing unusual behavior to the Animal Control Division of the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office (704) 920-3000.
  • Protect your home from wildlife and bats.  Secure and maintain screens on doors and windows. Cap chimneys. Seal any opening to attics, basements and home interior.
  • Secure trash; use animal-proof containers.
  • Do not feed pets outside. Do not store or leave open pet food outside.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rabies
Know What to Do if You Are Exposed to Rabies